"Exploring Photography"


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You bought a DSLR Camera, but have “No Idea” what all those buttons do, and you leave it in "Auto Mode".


Come learn the basics of how your camera works in a comprehensive live workshop.

(Only 10 spots available)



Part 1:  Basics of Exposure

  1.   What is Exposure?
  2.   How to control using TV, AV, and ISO.
  3.   How to compensate for a backlit subject.


Part 2:  Exploring Depth of Field – Be Creative

  1.   What is DOF?
  2.   How to change DOF using AV.
  3.   Composing for DOF effect.
  4.   When to use shallow or wide DOF.


Part 3:  Getting to know your DSLR camera

  1. Auto, AV, TV, P, Manual, Bulb, etc.
  2. ISO, White Balance, Drive.
  3. Using focus points
  4. JPEG vs. RAW.


Part 4:  Basic Rules of Composition

  1.   Rule of Thirds.
  2.   Framing your image.
  3.   Leading lines.
  4.   Groups of Three
  5.   Perspective / Viewing Angle
  6.   Direction of Movement.
  7.   What the eye sees first.


Exploring Photography           (6 Hrs.)            $50

Value: Priceless

***Private Lessons are available***


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