Exploring Light


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Part 1:  Flash vs Natural

  1. Explain different light sources Pop up, Speed light, Strobe, Modeling, LED, Fluorescent, Halogen, Incandescent, natural, and ambient?
  2. What appropriate light source do I use?
  3. Name that light Source.



Part 2:  Using On Camera Flash

  1.   Daytime / Nighttime Use.
  2.   TTL vs Manual.
  3.   Key vs. Fill vs. backlight
  4.   Effects of Size and Distance of source.
  5.   Using diffusers and Bounce techniques.
  6.   Exposing for Flash and Ambient light.



Part 3:  Using off camera flash or continuous source.

  1.   Triggers: tethered and wireless.
  2.   Positioning: Direction, angle, and strength.
  3.   Flash Modifiers: umbrellas bounce & Shoot through, soft boxes,     reflectors, flags, Snoot, Grids.
  4.   Using Flash to create Colors and patterns on Backdrop.




Exploring Light Part                 6 hrs.          $125

Value: Priceless

*** Privates Lessons are Available***