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Anita Perez
When will you have 2016 photos down loaded for dance sport
Dan Sihjerr(non-registered)
Looking for pictures of Randy and Jennifer Jeffries. How do I find their pictures
<a href="http://concordiummagazine.com/">concordiummagazine</a>;
Gan Getsy(non-registered)
An amazing website with fascinating subject.Thanks!
Mary L. Hasser(non-registered)
Looking for pictures of Randy and Jennifer Jeffries. How do I find their pictures
Wow! This is really amazing. I have just checked the gallery of Gumbo Dancesport Championship and all the photos are taken with perfection. I am also interested in @@ http://www.qspray.com @@ event photography. It requires lot of skill to capture dancing photos.
Tom Riddell(non-registered)
My wife and I were green lantern (Kyle Rainer) and red lantern (Bleez) @dragoncon could we order a few prints of the pictures you took of us?
Don Wagner(non-registered)
Don Wagner
Although I was familiar with his work, I only met Mr. Campbell a month ago. When you meet Bobby. it is readily apparent that he is passionate about three things in life...Photography, Dancing and People. He is one of the finest ballroom dance photographers I've ever met; a dedicated 'professional' whose own artistry doesn't get in the way. Besides his extensive technical knowledge, his secret is simple. He is mentally a partner in the dance, always anticipating the next move. He makes amateurs look like pros and professionals look like angels.
Sean & Jen(non-registered)
Fabulous photos. Thank you so much. I only hope to find scrapbook paper worthy of the pics. Jennifer, aka Star Sapphire
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